Success Stories

“Prior to meeting Sonja, I had 10 years of gym experience, dealing with weight gain and loss, only to find I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own; I didn’t know the fundamentals. Sonja figured out a plan that would work with my lifestyle. She really listened to what type of goals I had and applied them to a unique and personal plan for ME.”
– Mandy Kobus

“I came to Sonja as a client and within 1 year I lost 100 pounds. She recognized how quickly I caught on and how much I loved the process. Sonja is one of a kind…she is a fantastic trainer and coach but her skills as a mentor are exquisite. Sonja got me convinced that I had so much to offer and with my results I would have the ability to motivate others to do as I did and could 100% relate how hard it was! But Sonja is always one phone call away and always has made time for a million questions! Now I am also a trainer and with Sonja’s continued mentoring and guidance I will be the best that I can be!”
– Kathy

“I had the pleasure of meeting Sonja when she subbed in for a spin class. I instantly loved her enthusiasm and all over energy. Shortly after, I hired her as my personal trainer. I was quickly amazed at how precise she was and how safety and my enjoyment really seemed to matter to her. I went from 150lbs to 130lbs and was able to do the “Tough Mudder” After she helped me reach my goals I had set, I told her I wanted to be a group fitness instructor, She was thrilled and told me I would be great at it, and she would help mentor me! She has helped me every step of the way, getting my foot in the door and setting me up for success. Now here we are, 9 months later and she just certified me as a spin instructor(funny how we came full circle) as well as prepared me for my group fitness evaluation! Sonja has been a mentor, a roll model and a friend, I couldn’t be luckier to have her helping to pave the way for me. If you are looking for someone to push you farther then you thought possible and have fun doing it, then I highly suggest Sonja Bidese”
– Amy Mitchell

“Who knew receiving a fitness brochure in the mail 5 ½ years ago would change my life! Not only did it change my life, it helped me build a relationship, it helped me set goals and it helped me create a healthier me!

“That fitness brochure was from Sonja Bidese, Owner of Success Fitness. Plus she was geographically located just two blocks from my home, perfect! I can walk there, work out and walk home. So began a relationship that started as my trainer, and has grown into my mentor, coach and dear friend.

“I have come a long way in 5 ½ years. I was overweight, ate and felt unhealthy and drank up to 4 cans of regular sugar-laden coca cola daily. With 10 teaspoons of sugar per can that would add up to 14,600 teaspoons of sugar a year! Through Sonja’s guidance, mentorship, gentle nudging and educating me, I am now over five months “coke” free.

“Getting my weight under control has always been a struggle my whole adult life. More recently in the past 4 ½ years since entering menopause the struggle has become more challenging and difficult……I’ve put on over 20 pounds in that time. Sonja designed a work-out program that works for me, and although it won’t be fixed immediately I’m well on my way. Through Sonja’s guidance, mentorship, more gentle nudging and more educating me, I am slowly winning the battle…..I say slowly because that’s the best way to do it.

“Last but not least, I’m training for my first triathlon this year. Sonja has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting me, and putting together my swimming training schedule, while joining me occasionally in the pool to check on my progress. Over the next month I will be getting out on the road for bike training, followed by running, and I know Sonja will be there by my side. I have no doubt I will accomplish my goal on July 5th of this year.

“Sonja genuinely cares about people and takes a personal interest in everyone’s goals. Sonja is operating a business but her personal financial gain is secondary to her client’s personal gain. She listens to what you need, she develops a plan to get you there, and collectively goals are achieved together. She goes above and beyond and is totally committed to her client’s well-being…..when her clients are successful she is successful.

“In summary, I am extremely grateful and thankful for Sonja’s encouragement, support and positive reinforcement. I’ve come a long way in the past 5 ½ years and have now become a healthier me thanks to my mentor, coach and dear friend Sonja Bidese. I look forward to many more years with her!”

– Wanda Smith

“Sonja and I met almost 15 years ago I was new to Victoria and had just recently joined a gym. I needed someone to help me stay on track with my fitness and Sonja was the one to do that. She helped me to stay motivated when I all I wanted to do was quit. She encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and to do new things. She worked with me when I trained for my first marathon in 2001 and has continued to support me as I continue to walk marathons. She has helped me with my fitness goals and also my nutrition. We have worked together to ensure that I am at my best when I head out to walk my marathons. It is through her support and encouragement that I am able to reach my goals. It hasn’t always been easy but with Sonja help I have been able to meet and exceed my goals.”
– Kerryanne Doole

“I met Sonja on a recommendation from another friend when I asked if she knew any personal trainers on the west shore when I moved to Victoria.  Sonja was my trainer and then I subbed a couple of yoga classes for her.  She kept on asking me if I wanted to be a trainer and I kept saying no, maybe group fitness but I cant imagine being a personal trainer……little did I know that Sonja saw something in me I didnt even see at that time.

“Next thing I knew things in my life were evolving and changing with Sonja guiding me every step of the way – change is scary! Sonja inspired confidence, knowledge and was/is my mentor to this day.  I gained my group fitness certification and then began the path to be a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer.  Sonja was my rock, she was there for me and kept encouraging me that I could do this.  I am someone who freezes up during exam time and the thoughts of the PT exam made me literally sick to my stomach.  Sonja did things like randomly ask me a question and say “wow you knew that answer right away and that question used to be on the PT exam, so you are going to be fine.”  Sonja believed in me and made me believe in myself.

“Sonja’s expertise in business, training and nutrition is excellent.  She has years of experience in all those facets.  Sonja has a way of delivering the information so that you remember it and she has an open door policy that no question is a “dumb” one.

“If you have the opportunity to work the amazing resource that is Sonja – TAKE IT!  You will not be disappointed.”

– Connie Richards

“Sonja has given me a renewed sense of self worth and provided me with the motivation to achieve personal goals and constantly better myself. Sonja has provided me with a wealth of information on food and nutrition which go hand in hand with my training. Sonja’s confidence, easy going personality and kick butt attitude in what she is training you make the workout both fun and rewarding . Sonja is a big part of my commitment she not only encourages you but makes you want to improve yourself.”
– Joy

“Sonja’s Boot Camp’s are awesome! She motivates the group and keeps everyone working at their own level so that we all achieve our fitness goals in a fun and dynamic group setting. Sonja has the ability to help people reach their physical and emotional health goals. Her personal training style includes lifestyle and fitness education. She truly cares for her clients and it shows in the results! Thank you Sonja.”
– Minda

“I have added veggies and fruit…big accomplishment. I have been tempted by sweets, but I thought about how hard I have worked so far and they didn’t seem so appealing. I feel good and don’t feel like I am on a ‘DIET’. Sonja, you have taught me to focus on eating good quality foods for the health and strength of my body, not on weight loss and deprivation. The change in perspective has made all the difference for me. I realize that in the past when I have ‘DIETED’, no matter how healthy I tried to make the food, there was an innate sense of self-loathing in the process. I needed to be different to be OK. This is about being as healthy and active as I can be at this moment and enjoying being able to do that. Thanks so much for all the support you have been given me, Sonja. It is so important to have someone like you in my corner-believing in me and bringing essential knowledge and experience to my healing process.”
– Marilee


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