Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many sessions would I need with a Personal Trainer?

Answer: The number of sessions will vary depending on your goals and how many sessions you would require. We offer a complimentary consultation to determine which package would be best for you to achieve your results!

Question: How much does personal training cost?

Answer: The range is $58-$75 per session for 1-on-1 training and $25-$45 per session for partner and group personal training. The Group personal training would also depend on the number per group.

Question: There are other Gyms & Personal Training Studios in my area… why belong to Success Fitness?

Answer: Because you deserve the best! We are not just another Studio; our Personal trainers aren’t just any Personal Trainers. Everyone at Success Fitness has more than just the basic certifications; they are educated by the best in BC and will go beyond the norm to get you to the results you are looking for. We will save you from the mindless stumble through a gym.

Question: Why is Success Fitness Studio superior to a traditional Gym membership?

Answer: If you are a full time worker with no time or energy to design an effective workout and more so, stick to it…well you aren’t alone.

At Success Fitness we custom design your routine to give you constant varied & functional movements to achieve the best results!