Indoor / Outdoor Boot Camp

If you like outdoor activities, dislike going to the Gym, or just want something different, a change, this program is for you!

  • We have designed this program for you to move at your own pace. Don’t worry, nobody, will be left behind!
  • We offer Boot Camps for all ages!
  • Morning, Lunch, Evening and Weekend Groups!
  • Are you over ’40’ and would like to join a Boot Camp Group with others your age?
  • Are you & your co-workers looking for some excitement at Lunch time? 45 minutes is all you have? Let us come to you!
  • We offer 12 week challenges and design the program around your needs.

Make a Lifestyle adjustment to better your health, better your appearance, also get in and stay in the best shape of your life!

What Boot Camp will do for you:

  • Increase Self esteem
  • Increase Endurance, Strength, Agility & Speed
  • Increase Flexibility & Balance
  • Reduce inches, weight & Body Fat
  • Reduce Stress and tension
  • Boot Camp Costs

Cost will depend on 1x, 2x or 3x per week attendance. Contact Sonja for details! Drop ins are welcome! Call for location!